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Where to spend next vacation with children?

On holidaying with children – where to go?

Some parents prefer not to take their kids to countries on the Asian and African continents on account of the hot climates and infections. But South Africa is excluded from this list – no wonder that around the world calls Cape Town the "Tourist Mecca".

South Africa and particularly the city of Cape Town, is totally different from all its African neighbouring countries. The country resembles Europe, in many aspects. Even with weather. The South African climate is very mild, pleasant in summer and autumn. In Cape Town the weather is even rather cool in spring and in winter one can see snow on some mountains.

As in the southern hemisphere, the seasons of the year are opposite to the northern hemisphere and European seasons. The South African summer is from December till March. Many celebrities from around the world have chosen Cape Town to spend their Xmas vacation and have bought elite properties on the coast.

Cape Town is an ideal place to come with children – there are enormous varieties of all kinds of activities for tourists. Huge amounts are being spent every year to make Cape Town even a better 'tourist attraction' – so even if you visited Cape Town a few years ago, this time you will find many new possibilities for an active holiday. For the whole family, from kid to pensioner.

For example, Cape Town’s Disneyland – Ratanga Junction – South African park of Amusement. All type of rides, entertaining shows with snakes, birds. Music and light shows for the youth. Food stalls and restaurants are everywhere, halaal and kosher meals are also available at Ratanga Junction.

In Cape Town you will be able to enjoy a trip above the city on famous African helicopters. One can only imagine what amazing photos can be made from above - worthy of international magazines!

If you are in Cape Town, then a visit to the famous Table Mountain is a Must. For tourists’ convenience you can chose between personal hike (that will take you 2-3 hours to reach the top) or use the comfortable cable-car. 2 minutes and you will be exposed to a breath-taking views – city, ocean, mountains, exotic plants, You will need few a hours to explore the beauty of Table Mountain. And to spend sunset in the cafeteria on Table Mountain is very romantic and memorable indeed.

In a just couple of hours drive from Cape Town you can visit the great Congo Caves, crocodile, ostrich and rabbit farms… Have you ever dreamt to ride on ostriches? In South Africa it is possible and you will be welcome under trained guide supervision. Moreover, there one can purchases unique items from ostrich and crocodile skin at a very affordable price.

Especially it would be of great benefit to bring teenagers and youth to Cape Town! This is the age for extreme and unique activities. This passion can be answered in visiting the South African Aquarium in CApe Town where one view the feeding of a giant white sharks! And tourist are even allowed to dive in this Aquarium. This is a worthwhile entertainment for brave adults as well.

If you happen to have an official diver's certificater, you can get a life-time experience and visit islands of ancient sunken ships. Otherwise, again as I mentioned above, visit an Aquarium in Cape Town – it is much more than just an educational trip or sensational show. Find yourself in a world, a miraculous underwater world of amazing fish and sea creatures, all colours, all kinds… And the highlight of this visit, indeed, a great white shark! Just imagine, behind the thickest glass in the world you will meet face to face with great white shark!

One other detail, rather moral lesson, you will learn in Aquarium – near the exit you will see a big note “The most dangerous predator in the world” – and you will see yourself, in a large mirror.

If you and your kids always wished to go on safari in Africa, then in South Africa your dreams will come true. Then you should go to the Kruger National Park where animals, yes, even the most wild and dangerous animals, will walk free around your car.

What an experience – your adrenaline will rise high, your heart will tremble when the leopards, and even giant lions and elephants will walk just a few meters from your car. Just be careful – during the whole trip in Kruger Park stay inside and don’t open your windows.

The are too many adventures for active holidays in South Africa, especially in tourist mecca city Cape Town. It will fill you and your family with energy and memories for years to come!

Still, some parents prefer to leave kids at home. But can it be a correct decision? By leaving your children with grannies or nannies, you deprive them not only of unforgettable entertainment but also harmonious development.





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Big Five Wild Game Reserves

In the Western Cape we have one Game Reserve which is situated at about 70 kilometres out Cape Town. Here you can view wild game at close range under game rangers supervision from a special built vehicle. At this game reserve arrangements are made for halaal meals. We transport you to and from reserve with our own vehicle.

We do have a much larger Wild Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape that is fully Halaal and caters for groups or individuals on sleep over tours. Although it is much further out of Cape Town it offers a wider range of activities. At this reserve educational tours are catered for students and schools. Here the big Five can also be viewed. All foods served are prepared in an halaal environment. Transport to this reserve is either by road or air travel.

All enquiries for these game reserve are handled by us. We fly you to the game reserve or we take you by road.

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