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TGCT Tours will arrange exclusive tours on request. As a company that strives to offer only the best service and tours, it is important to note that these tours will be conducted by myself who is a qualified professional tour guide and registered with the tourism dept. These tours will include visits to Islamic Schools, University, Islamic Libraries, bookshops and clothing shops. At the bookshops cd’s on Islamic literature, Qiraas, Qawwalis, Naat, Munajats and Islamic music can be purchased. Literature on hadith and tafseer are also obtainable. Children’s books are very popular and can be obtained at our bookshop.

The other EXCLUSIVE TOUR is the Slave Route. This entails a visit to the Bo–Kaap with its rich history It is in this area where the first political exiles arrived from the far east and settled after the emancipation (freedom) of slavery. A visit to the slave lodge where the slaves were kept in chains and sold. The Castle built by slaves and kept in captivity in dark dungeons before the slave lodge was built. You will be taken onto a slave route on the slopes of Table Mountain to the wash house where slave woman used to wash the clothes and linen of their Dutch masters and soldiers. The shrines of some of the prominent spiritual personalities within the political exiles will also be visited. Example Sheikh Yusuf who was of royal descent i.e. Prince of Maccassar in Indonesia.

Golf tours can be arranged to the Capes most beautiful golf courses which are on parr with countries like USA, Britain and Europe. The Western Cape which is known worldwide for its natural beauty and stunning views will arouse excitement when visiting these golf courses which is situated in some of the most beautiful valleys.

Educational camps for student groups are some of the exciting tours on our itinerary. They will visit nature camps under the auspices of the National Parks program. They will be taught various skills and be introduced to nature. On these camps they will learn the relationship, through Islamic teachings, with nature and the ecology. These camps are normally arranged during school vacations. These tours are not standard tours and arrangements need to made in advance. For more information on Cape Town Tours (Halaal Tours) please contact management of Halaal Layla Villa - World Cup Accommodation Halal in Cape Town >>

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